Ambassador and coach/mentor in Artificial Intelligence

in Liège

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Do you want to have your AI expertise appreciated in the world of industry?  Are you interested in developing data-based solutions for problems in diverse application areas such as renewable energy, manufacturing, intelligent environments, etc? Do you understand the world of research and would like to be involved in multi-partnership networks?

As an ambassador and facilitator for Artificial Intelligence with Sirris, you will be responsible for significant and ambitious AI projects, having a major impact on Walloon industry. The prestigious research project, ARIAC by, will be your main project in the coming years. This ambitious project is set up as part of the TRAIL initiative (Trusted AI Labs) which was launched in 2020. So have we stirred your interest? Well go on reading, because this job could be yours!


  • You guide the ARIAC project in the right direction, in order to offer a competitive advantage to the Walloon industrial fabric, by encouraging companies to explore the value of their data and the way in which its whole potential can be exploited by means of AI,

  • You help our Sirris experts in several departments (additive manufacturing, product development, etc.) with the use of AI technology in their area.

  • To do this, you contribute to the construction of industrial demonstrators that show the potential of AI in different areas. By using/developing these demonstrators, you attempt to identify the basic elements that you can provide to the industry (knowledge transfer).  

  • As a mentor/coach, you lead this group of multidisciplinary colleagues, by encouraging inter-area collaboration, with the aim of adopting expertise in AI's digital technology within Sirris and in the wider ecosystem. 

  • You take part in ARIAC consortium meetings in which you engage to be able to ensure proper project management and good communication with all the stakeholders.

  • You lead a community of PhD students working on the great challenges that Sirris is defining as part of the project. To do this, you organise and take part in the workshops, you put them in contact with the companies, you provide occasional support, etc.

  • You will identify new challenges related to the new applications of AI and you will contribute to new national and international research projects in these topics that are in the interest of Sirris.

  • You have a masters level degree with a technological or scientific focus.

  • You are passionate about the application of artificial intelligence, you have at least three years' experience in AI and you have practical knowledge of the technologies of automatic learning/artificial intelligence.

  • You have made several contributions in the AI field, whether in academic areas, in industry or in a research & development environment.

  • You have good skills in instruction so as to increase AI expertise in other different areas of technological expertise.

  • You have good networking skills.

  • You have good communication and presentation capabilities. You like leading workshops or conference speaking.

  • You have excellent team working capabilities, both with colleagues and with external partners. It is important to be capable of solving individual problems or those stemming from teamwork to hold this job.

  • You understand the advantage of a multidisciplinary approach by intervening in different sectors and technologies.

  • You like presenting the results (preliminary) concretely and demonstrate capabilities of communicating in a captivating way and sharing your knowledge with the sector through workshops, seminars, masterclasses and social networks.

  • You have good project management skills and ideally experience in drafting research projects.

  • You communicate easily in French and English, which lets you formulate clear arguments and reasoning.

  • You have an open mind and are proactive.

  • And most importantly: you learn fast and permanently to continue your improvement and to innovate in an environment in perpetual evolution and rapid growth.

As an expert with Sirris, you take part in large scale projects, intended for Belgian companies. You develop your knowledge and experience in advanced technologies and every day you have the profound satisfaction of doing pioneering work. In brief, you produce truly innovatory work in the strictest sense.

At Sirris, you operate in a work environment where flexibility is at the heart of all activities and which pays great attention to your personal development. We have also planned an attractive salary package, matching the function and your experience.

For further information about this job, please contact Wim Codenie (Business Unit Manager Digitalisation)

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