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Master thesis – Developing a cost model in the Offshore Wind Energy sector

Offshore wind energy is being developed in its full speed with ever growing wind turbine sizes with 220m rotor diameters and capacities of 12MW+. The recent offshore wind farm developments achieved significant cost savings thanks to the efforts and the investments in the last decade put on research and development. In order to reduce the cost of energy further to realize a carbon neutral environment, wind turbines up to 20 MW are being developed, new farm control strategies are investigated, new foundations, monitoring methods and electrical systems are being developed. It is required to have an evaluation method to compare all these innovations with each other and to estimate their impact on lowering the cost of energy. Cost models can be used for these purposes. These models take all the aspects of wind farm development and operation into account such as turbine technology, power curves, wake effects, foundations, generators, electrical systems, financing, operation, maintenance and electricity prices by parametrizing them. Although these models cannot accurately estimate the absolute cost of energy, they are still needed & used for benchmarking different technologies with each other and benchmarking current technologies with (breakthrough) innovations.

Are you interested in a master thesis in this field? If yes, we have the following interesting topic to work on: Developing a cost model to estimate the levelized cost of energy of offshore wind farms to benchmark and assess the potential cost impact of innovations.

  • The scope of the thesis is to extend one of the cost models developed/used in several EU projects such as Innwind, EERA-DTOC, or similar to determine the levelized cost of energy.

  • In this thesis, each cost component for the rotor, tower, foundation, generator, resource assessment and O&M, etc will be elaborated to match with the expected future developments in offshore wind. One reference offshore wind farm will be selected and different scenarios will be evaluated as case studies; mostly targeting the new Belgian offshore wind farms which are expected to be developed in the coming 3-5 years.


What do we expect from you?

  • You are studying mechanical engineering or similar.

  • You are interested in wind energy and have followed courses or have previous practical knowledge on wind energy related topics

  • You have programming skills and are interested working with Matlab or Phyton (or similar)

  • You are a pragmatic thinker, independent, curious but also result oriented.


What do we offer you?

As a Sirris intern you will be working on top class projects with Belgian companies. You will accumulate knowledge and experience in the most advanced of technologies by working with top level experts of Sirris/Owi-lab. Every day you will experience the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing pioneering work. In other words, you deliver innovation in its purest form.
Varied work, personal development and a working environment where cooperation comes first, is typical Sirris.
The duration for this thesis will be 6-9 months.
We have flexible locations to work from on this project, however at least once every week you are expected to be present in the Sirris office in Diepenbeek or Leuven (to be agreed upon).

For further information about this position, please contact Ozlem Ceyhan.

To apply, send your CV and a motivation letter to Please include the courses you have taken, projects/assignments you have completed and/or previous internships/experience.

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