En tant que centre collectif de recherche et d’innovation de l’industrie technologique en Belgique, nous aidons, chaque année, 1500 entreprises à faire les bons choix technologiques et à réaliser leurs projets d’innovation. Nos 150 experts passionnés travaillent au business, aux produits et aux usines de demain, avec comme but ultime de garantir un futur prospère à l’industrie technologique. Plus d’info sur www.sirris.be.


A la recherche de Program Manager Digital Technologies

A a program manager you will lead a program with a key mission: helping the industry to adopt new digital technology areas. That means curiosity, an open mindset, an inspiring leadership and management style that creates the conditions for technology specialists to thrive, grow and cooperate with a diversity of stakeholders in this continuously changing environment.

Are you the person who can lead this program? Are you fascinated by the technological capabilities and developments in the field of digital transformation? Can you unleash the potential at individual and team level ensuring the whole is more than the sum of its parts? Can you lead and coach top experts in such a way that everybody contributes to the success of the team in taking up elements of shared leadership? Your contributions involve:

  • You determine the overall vision for the Digital Technologies program in close cooperation with other Sirris technology programs and in line with the Sirris strategy.

  • Together with your team you build and manage a portfolio of industrial services in order to raise awareness and to identify innovation opportunities for the industry. This includes software companies, companies developing or improving smart products and the manufacturing industry.

  • You make sure that your program is financially sound by taking responsibility over  managerial aspects such as budget, P&L, management reporting, resource allocation…

  • In addition to the current themes of advanced software engineering, security/privacy and distributed intelligence (e.g. 5G,…), you scout relevant new emerging technological evolutions. You ensure that your program is able and agile to adopt these new digital technology areas.

  • You lead and coach a mixed group of digital innovation experts, representing a variety of subdisciplines:

- ensuring they can optimally grow their competencies in line with the vision

- empowering your team and leaving room for entrepreneurship

- promoting cross-domain internal collaboration with the goal of adopting digital technology expertise in Sirris and in our wider ecosystem.

  • You build up a dissemination strategy to spread the expertise and insights of the program to the Belgian industry.

  • You manage the relationships with key stakeholders (industry, intermediaries, research partners…).



Qu'attendons-nous de vous?

  • You have a master's degree or PhD in engineering sciences in the field of information technology or a related discipline.

  • You have a track record of contributions in the field of digital technology, either in industry or in an industrial related R&D environment.

  • You see the value of a multidisciplinary approach, working across different technologies and industries.  

  • You have a solid experience in managing or coaching a team of engineers. You can inspire your team to ensure continuous learning, fruitful cooperation, optimal performance and job satisfaction.

  • You are able to build bridges both in your internal and external networks. 

  • You have good communication skills. You are fluent in English and master at least Dutch or French.


As a Sirris Program Manager you will be managing top class projects with companies. You acquire knowledge and experience with the most advanced technologies and have the satisfaction of being involved in pioneering work on a daily basis. In other words, you deliver innovation in its purest form.

At Sirris you operate in a working environment where flexibility is paramount and great attention is paid to personal development. We also provide an attractive remuneration package based on the job function and your experience. You can work from different sites. 


If you apply for this position, you agree that your application will be shared with our recruitment partner eSence, who is in charge of the executive search for this vacancy.

For more information, please contact ina.smaelen@esence.be


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