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A la recherche de Cyber Security Ambassador

Sirris is looking for a new colleague to raise cyber security awareness in the Belgian industry and to support companies to introduce cyber security in their products and processes: 

  • You advice companies on cyber-security topics and innovations, so they can attain the required level of security and privacy in their products, services and daily operations.
  • You initiate and execute innovative R&D projects in the cybersecurity domain, in collaboration with (research) partners and universities.
  • You follow the state-of-the-art in cybersecurity and communicate about relevant evolutions through different channels (blogs, papers, event talks etc.).
  • You contribute to the shaping of a comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap of activities that advances cybersecurity in the Belgian technology industry.



Qu'attendons-nous de vous?

  • You have broad knowledge about security and privacy technologies in modern hardware and software systems and you have at least 4 years of relevant experience in cyber security (in the industry or in an academic context).
  • You are aware of the relevant security and privacy standards and legislation.
  • You are passionate about cyber security and are driven to keep up with the state-of-the art of security technology and its fast evolutions.
  • Thanks to your targeted advice, companies are able to tackle their security challenges.
  • You have good project management and organisational skills.
  • You like to participate in strategic thinking, as well as in defining concrete steps to realize the strategy.
  • You have good networking skills to bring together different parties in the field of security technology.
  • You have a good command of English; proficiency in Dutch and French are a plus.
  • You have a Master's or PhD degree in Computer Science or related discipline(s).


expérience souhaitée

pas d'expérience requise

Qu'offrons-nous ?

As a Sirris expert, you actively participate in top projects at Belgian companies. You build up a body of knowledge and experience in the most advanced technologies. Every day you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing pioneering work. In short, you deliver innovative work in its purest form.

Flexible work, personal development and an environment where collaboration is of central importance - that is typical for Sirris. We offer an attractive salary package that is fully in line with your job and experience.


For more information, please contact Wim Codenie (Business Unit Manager ICT & Mechatronics).